About Us

My nickname is G or Gman, short for Greg. Moreover I am an Engineer by profession that has a passion for products, especially digital products. I first fell in love with Clickfunnels at a 10x Growth conference. I got the privileged of listening to Russell Brunson on stage for an hour. A symphony of hacking a $100 Million funnel for a supplement brand. He showed us how to hack the funnel, create our own and use the exact same advertising strategy as that which was already proven by the company.

I instantly fell in love with Clickfunnels and had to add it to my arsenal of tools. I have been a student and now a master of Clickfunnels ever since. As a product development engineer Clickfunnels was an easy way to get products to market with a high conversion rate. It worked beautifully and we saw results from every angle of the business.

Now we teach Clickfunnels, we have mastered the practice and want to pay it forward. Our goal is to teach the world about Clickfunnels adding as much value as we possibly can. We monetize through affiliate links so we ask that if you get value please use one of our links to join/purchase any of the products we speak about. Anything else feel free to comment and we will definitely get back to you.