Starting a business the right way

Choosing A Business Opportunity – Starting Your Own Business

Millions of people are desperate to escape the 9 to 5 grind. One popular alternative is to look for a business opportunity that turns you from an employee into a self-employed entrepreneur running your own business.

There are many good reasons why this can be a wise move. Being your own boss means you can set your own hours. This can be very important if you have small children, or simply want to spend more time at home. Working from home can also save valuable time, if the alternative is spending two or three hours every day commuting back and forth to your work place. And of course, working for yourself also gives you the opportunity to make a whole lot more money.

In other words, being your own boss gives you that valuable commodity called freedom. It sets you free from the limitations of being someone else’s paid employee, and in return makes you responsible for your own future. As a self-employed entrepreneur you are free to set your own hours, establish your own work habits, choose what work you will do or will not do, create your own products, drum up your own customers, and do what you have to do to make those customers happy.

And perhaps most importantly, when you are self-employed you are free to set your own prices and make as much or as little income as you are able. You will not have to answer to anyone other than yourself, your suppliers, and of course, the ever-present taxman, after you become successful.

**How to get started — Two Alternatives**

There are two obvious ways you can go about starting your own business. The first way is to quit your day job and launch full bore into your new business. We’ll call this the “All or Nothing Approach”. The second way is to continue on with your current employment and develop a business on the side, in your spare time. We’ll call this the “Spare Time Approach”.

Depending on your point of view, taking the All or Nothing Approach can be either an act of bravery or just plain recklessness. Unless you are independently wealthy, planning and timing are very important with this approach. That’s because once you leave your previous employment your source of income will be gone and you will have a limited amount of time to make your business work. It is “sink or swim”. And you can sink pretty quickly without a source of income.

So that means you should plan the changeover to self-employment very carefully. Every situation will be different. An acquaintance of mine was able to step from his quasi-government job into a private consulting business because he spent the last few months of his employment developing leads and contacts within his industry. When he went on his own he had customers waiting in the wings and was able to more than double his income in his very first year.

But most of us are not so lucky. We do not have the quality leads or the specialized skills. Nor do most of us have the opportunity to use our present employment to build a launching pad of potential customers before we take off into the wild blue yonder of self-employment. Most of us are starting from scratch with a few vague ideas, a questionable set of yet-to-be-defined skills, and severely limited income. So our venture into self-employment had better take off within a few months or we’re likely to crash and burn.

That is why the Spare Time Approach is best for most new self-employed entrepreneurs. The Spare Time Approach lets you test your ideas, develop your skills, and build your business slowly. If you are unsure about the products or services you intend to sell, the Spare Time Approach lets you try out different product lines and see how well they fit in with your overall objectives. Often new entrepreneurs find that their first ideas are not realistic, or there is no market for the services they want to provide. Or they find they cannot charge enough to make any money providing the products or services they have chosen.

**Choose your product carefully**

Like all new entrepreneurs, whether you take the “all or nothing approach” or the “spare time approach” you should be very tight-fisted with your limited resources. That means do not invest any serious money in a product or business idea until you have checked it out thoroughly. The best way to “check it out” is to:

– Talk to people who are already selling the product or service.

– Establish the credibility of the person or company providing the product or service.

– Make sure the company provides on-going support for their product(s).

– Make sure there are no hidden or unexpected costs (such as franchise fees) that will eat away your profits.

This applies whether you are looking at an online product such as an MLM or affiliate scheme, or a more traditional product or service aimed only at local customers.

For example, an associate of mine produces Business Card Displays. The idea behind this product is that it provides new entrepreneurs the opportunity to set up an advertising service for local businesses. With this product, the entrepreneur creates a network of displays placed in high traffic retail outlets like grocery stores, hair salons, and bowling alleys. Then local advertisers can place their business cards in one of the compartments in the displays across the network. If someone browsing one of the displays sees a service they are interested in, they just take a card for future reference.

Sure, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. But for someone willing to put in a few months of hard work at the beginning, it is a pretty easy way to create a business that will return a handsome income for years to come.

And this manufacturer stands behind his product. He can show you examples of successful advertising networks where his displays are used. He will also provide testimonials and contact information from real people whom you can ask how well the product is working for them. And to top it off, he uses the product himself in a network of over 40 displays, and can provide hands-on information about how it actually works in a real-life situations.

This is pretty rare in the world of “business opportunities”. Many are run by “take the money and run” types who make wildly exaggerated claims about how successful you can be. But in many cases they have never actually made the idea work for themselves.

As any successful entrepreneur will tell you, your choice of products is crucial to your success or failure. Many products are simply bogus ideas with no hope of working. And many others are designed to produce maximum profits for their creators, and minimum profits for people like you and me who sell them. So no matter how hard you work, or how committed you are to being successful, if you choose the wrong product you will be operating with a millstone around your neck.

What is Clickfunnels by Russell Brunson

How many times have we heard this “Before I ever heard of ClickFunnels, I tried to make money online by building a website and selling products.” If you’ve attempted to do this before you know how difficult it is to create converting sites that actually make you money. Dealing with web developers, graphic artists, content writers, google SEO… the list goes on and on.

Enter Clickfunnels…

ClickFunnels is a Drag & Drop based software, that lets create sales pages, landing pages, optin’s, upsells’, and downsells. Clickfunnels navigates through a series of targeted sales steps called a funnel in  a specific order. These steps are designed to convert a higher percentage of customers to “opt in” on a product/service/email list. More broadly said, Clickfunnels is an online sales funnel builder that helps businesses market, sell, and deliver their products online.

When is ClickFunnels useful?

If your goal is to save TIME and SELL your products or services online without learning any technical knowledge or coding then ClickFunnels is for you. It is the  ultimate weapon of choice to take it with you in the competitive marketing battleground. The Swiss-army knife of sales conversion tools.

If you know that you have a product, or an offer, or a service that people already WANT (aka will pay you money, or give you their email for it) then ClickFunnels makes all the rest of the parts of building an online business very easy. ClickFunnels is a revolutionary online sales and marketing software, designed for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to market their services and products online. A Visual design interface make creating pages very easy. Pre-populated templates enable quick and easy installation of funnels.

What types of funnels can i build?

Choose from Optin Funnels to generate leads and build your list; Sales Funnels to sell your products or services and upsell into higher priced offerings; Product Launch Funnels to create excitement for a new product through a series of pre purchase videos; Membership Funnels to create recurring revenue in your online business; and Webinar Funnels to create an important and predictable sales channel.

ClickFunnels lets you:

  • Build sales funnels
  • Create email marketing campaigns
  • Run an affiliate program
  • Create a membership site to deliver your online courses and other content.
  • Create sales pages
  • Accept payments from multiple payment processors including stripe

If you want to start building an email list,  especially if you have a product or service, then ClickFunnels is the right tool for the job. Clickfunnels will help you do everything else from email marketing, to taking transactions (shopping cart) to upsell’s and follow through continuity. ClickFunnels is a click – based software, that you can use to easily create series of web-pages that people have to navigate through in order to purchase a product, or join an email list, or a webinar. The best part is you don’t need to know a single line of code.

Prior to ClickFunnels, the average business owner had never even heard of sales funnels — let alone SaaS marketing tools.  But co-founder and CEO Russell Brunson’s obsession with teaching online sales funnels through his software has changed the online landscape permanently by popularizing the term “sales funnel.”

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Expert Secrets vs DotCom Secrets

No one has ever asked us if they should get Russell Brunson Expert Secrets or DotCom Secrets because its a must have in every entrepreneurs arsenal. What we do get asked is which one do i read first?

Well here’s the low down on either book.

Expert Secrets

Russell Brunson wrote expert secrets to show you how to turn your expertise, your passions into profitable niches to grow a following and create value. He provides a ton of value in this book and over delivers on strategy to find your expertese, cultivate it and turn it into something that can make you money, a lot of money!

DotCom Secrets

Is all about internet marketing, traffic and maximizing profits online. The book takes you through a series of marketing methodologies to create valuable assets, turn those assets into converting funnels, market them on social media and follow up with value adders. Tony Robins wrote: “Ths simple process that ANY company can use to geometrically improve their traffic, conversion and sales online.” 

So now that you understand a broad overview of each one you can see that they are on very different subject matters. Which one you should read first is very situational dependent. The advice that I would offer is this: Read Expert Secrets first if you are looking to start a business and don’t know where to go. If you already have a business running i would recommend reading DotCom Secrets first.

One thing that is true though… Either way i would own a copy of both and read them 1 after the other.

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Expert Secrets Russell Brunson Book pdf

How to make money doing what you love? Growing rich all while practicing what you are an expert in. Expert Secrets Russell Brunson pdf is the guide you are looking for to unlock your abilities. A lesson in mastering your passions and becoming an expert in your given field. Turning that passion into profits and starting your own side hustle.

Russell Bronson’s mastery is in Clickfunnels. He loves to build funnels and is so good at doing it. It’s no wonder that Grant Cardone invited him to do a 1 hour talk at 10x Growth Conference. At that conference he sold $3.5 Million of Clickfunnels in 1 hour. Incredible right?

Russell Brunson sold it because he came onto the stage and demonstrated his Expert Secrets, his passion, clickfunnels. He sold a 1 year subscription for $3000 and got 1200 people to get up and go and buy his product instantly. The results are truly amazing when you find your passion and expert secret.

If you thought that was amazing, well then it gets even better. Russel Brunson is offering Expert Secrets book for free. Yes FREE! Get your copy here…

Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson

It’s no secret that Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets is one of the best books you can read and buy today. Expert secrets is a journey that shows how to unlock your talents and and most importantly create a Cult-ure.  A cult like following of people that are willing to pay you for your expertise.

Russell takes you through a journey of some of the most successful brands of today, real life examples of Entrepreneurs who make money from being an Expert. Everyone is an expert at something and Russell’s book shows you how to unlock your expertise, and better yet, get paid to do what you love!

The Foreward of the book is written by Robert Kiyosaki author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. Another great book that dives into the thinking of a Entrepreneurs mind vs. an everyday working middle class mind. Robert’s opening statement: “Expert Secrets is the map that will allow you to turn your specialized knowledge, talents and abilities into a business that will work for you! This is one of the shortcuts of the new rich.”

The book is divided into 5 sections. Section 1 talks about Creating your mass movement and Cult-ure. Creating Belief is what Section 2 is all about. Section 3 dives into your moral obligation. Section 4 deals with Funnels in general but more specifically Clickfunnels.

Finally Section 5 deals with Whats next so don’t worry Russell Brunson will never leave you hanging trying to figure out what is next.

He has all kinds of training’s:

We have gone through them all and they are all incredibly intense. Russel Brunson over-delivers and under-promises. He is a morally obligated guy thats why he created The official Clickfunnels page on Facebook. A community of people that help each other out certainly, don’t take our word for it, go and experience it for yourself.

Clickfunnels 60 Day Trial

One of the most sought after questions on the web is how long is the Clickfunnels trial?

Well I am here to clear up any misunderstandings:

The only agent authorized to offer free trials for Clickfunnels is Clickfunnels. They offer a very generous 14 day trial. This is more than enough time to get a feel for the software a make a boat load of cash! The trick is to plan out how you are going to use the 14 days to the maximum. We are here to help you get started with some free funnels and tactics. Check out our AliExpress sales funnel!

Ignore any offerings that say that you can get Clickfunnels 60-day trialthe offer simply doesn’t exist! These are scams to get you to join so they can get affiliate fees. It is true that we too get affiliate fees from anyone that joins using our link. But we are completely transparent with all our information and believe honesty is the best policy. Browse through our articles as we provide more value than you could possibly imagine!

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The Ultimate guide to AliExpress dropshipping using ClickFunnels

AliExpress is a very popular dropshipping website that many of the drop shipping veterans use finding a popular product on AliExpress is no easy feet. Most of the products are highly commoditized. But finding a viral product can be very lucrative and rewarding

First lets define dropshipping: Dropshipping refers to selling a product that you do not stock or ship. The steps are simple: You find a product on AliExpress that you want to sell and mark it up. Create a funnel to sell it, drive traffic to the funnel and submit the order to the supplier. The supplier will then ship the order to the customer, without the customer knowing that the product came from the supplier. Instead it all appears to come from you.

At this point you will need a Clickfunnels membership to build this: You can get one here with a FREE 14 day Trial!

Step 1: The Landing Page

Most funnels selling products are very similar. They have, a landing page that tells a story and displays an unforgettable offer. Some get the information inputted on the first page to buy – name, email, address, credit card etc. In the below image we have an incredible offer on a infusion water bottle that has already peaked their interest from the advert we enticed them in from (we prefer to use Facebook). Once they click submit on the first page we have all their details and have charged them for the order of the hydration bottle/s.

Step 2: The Upsell page

Next you will go to an upsell page. This is where you margin up! Simply put all upsells or downsells should come from the same supplier. Why you ask, well now you only have to pay for shipping once. Give them options to buy multiples and offer discounts. Remember a product that costs you $1 that you can upsell for $10 on top of the original offer just made you another $9 in profit. If this is where you had your lightbulb moment, well we did too! The amazing part is they already have purchased the hydration bottle. So by adding the upsell items they simply click on the offer and hit add to cart and it charges the same account. EASY HA?

Step 3: Upsell number 2

But wait… if you call now we slap them with another irresistible offer. what about an ice tray that makes long cubes? surely you need ice for a water bottle. Great another 1 click away from a nice little additional profit and all from the same supplier for that 1 shipping fee.

Step 4: Order Confirmation Page

Finally you show them the order confirmation page with all the items that they have already purchased. They cant back out now.. its already done!

This is a pretty easy way to test products from AliEpress and see what works. In one of our later posts we will go into how to drive traffic from Facebook.

Russell Brunsons – How to Funnel Hack

The truth about funnel hacking is it is extremely easy to do. Russel Brunson is a pro at funnel hacking as he demonstrated at the 10X Event. Russel demonstrated on stage how they funnel hacked a funnel selling a supplement on clickbank.

First you need to go through the actual process as a consumer. Russel recommends buying the product first. “For less than $100 you can go through their funnel map it out and have all the complete funnel steps.”

Once you have bought the product and stepped through all the landing pages, upsells, downsells, checkout and thanks you pages, you should have a pretty good idea in your head about how your funnel will be structured.

It then becomes a simple matter of login into ClickFunnels and creating a similar funnel (never copy). The process is mapped out already. The product introduction, offer, upsell, downsell, order confirmation page. We have effectively used this technique to hack many funnels and create similar offerings.

So then how do i get the same traffic thaqt the funnel i am hacking has? well thats pretty simple. Sites like allow you to see where they are pulling traffic from. Where they are advertising and what the advertisements even look like. Then it becomes a simple case of create your own advert and place is the same location.

Check out these results below.. these were done by hacking a funnel. enjoy!


Software Secrets Review – 500 Software Idea Generators

software secrets review – 500 software ideas generator is a collection of ideas, no wait… a collection of legendary platforms. It provides you with the ultimate brainstorming ideas for software development.

You’ll find yourself using a number of tools that you wouldn’t have even considering in the past. Software Secrets will let your creativity run wild.

Whiteboards for brainstorming will become a common thing for you. Teaching you how to build effective mind maps to manage the mass flow of ideas from your brain. The ideas generator will help you link and create a better structure for your thought process.

Learn how to create effective wire-framing mock-ups of your ideas. This will help you picture how they can be developed into your first sprint. This is an exciting stage because the ideas meet paper and the project starts to take some shape. It is critical to learn to do this stage effectively as Russel teaches in his Book

Don’t let your lack of coding wizardry, or the fact that you don’t have a solid software idea STOP you from registering for this free training. (You’re in the same boat as everyone else, and they’ll tackle ALL of that head-on!)

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Software Secrets – Software Secrets Ebook

Having access to either software secrets – software secrets ebook represents just a small investment. It can be the best decision of your life or simply keep you informed of an alternative to win money doing something completely different with your life.

Either way, it’s a win-win situation for you.

The book works as the introductory offer to a lot of didactic material and technical knowledge. It can be put to use to develop software using the Clickfunnels tools.

Even if you don’t have an idea of how to deal with coding and web business. You’ll be able to make money out of this as long as you are interested in learning about it.

Don’t let your lack of coding wizardry, or the fact that you don’t have a solid software idea STOP you from registering for this free training. (You’re in the same boat as everyone else, and they’ll tackle ALL of that head-on!)

Register for the FREE “Build and Launch Your Own Software In The Next 90 Days” Training