August 16, 2018

Dropshipping with ClickFunnels Free AliExpress guide

By Gman

Dropshipping with clickfunnels is an easy integration that anyone can do. We have explored how easy it is to setup a clickfunnels account. In this example we will show you:

  1. What is aliexpress?
  2. Define dropshipping with clickfunnels
  3. Getting your Free 14 day clickfunnels trial
  4. Creating a landing page
  5. The upsell page
  6. Upsell page number 2
  7. Order confirmation page

Lets dive in…

What is Aliexpress?

AliExpress is a very popular dropshipping website that many of the drop shipping veterans use. But finding a popular product on AliExpress is no easy feet. Most of the products are highly commoditized. Finding a viral product can be very lucrative and rewarding and in may cases very easy.

We always recommend to find products in a niche that you are passionate about. Something that you can say you’re an expert around. Maybe that’s sports or dancing or key chains. Whatever it is, if you know a lot about something the odds are you are an expert in at least something that listed on Aliexpress website. Find a product that solves a problem in your nieche, and bookmark the page.

What is Dropshipping with clickfunnels?

First lets define dropshipping: Dropshipping refers to selling a product that you do not stock or ship. The steps are simple: You find a product on AliExpress that you want to sell and mark it up. Create a funnel to sell it, drive traffic to the funnel and submit the order to the supplier. The supplier will then ship the order to the customer, without the customer knowing that the product came from the supplier. Instead it all appears to come from you.

At this point you will need a Clickfunnels membership to build this: You can get one here with a FREE 14 day Trial!

Step 1: The Landing Page

Most funnels selling products are very similar. They have, a landing page that tells a story and displays an unforgettable offer. Some get the information inputted on the first page to buy – name, email, address, credit card etc. In the below image we have an incredible offer on a infusion water bottle that has already peaked their interest from the advert we enticed them in from (we prefer to use Facebook). Once they click submit on the first page we have all their details and have charged them for the order of the hydration bottle/s.

Dropshipping with clickfunnels is so easy because Clickfunnels has an incredibly easy visual drag and drop interface to create simple pages and we were able to mock one up in no time.

This page contains:

  • TheĀ  name and email address (which you can save for later to add to you email building list)
  • The shipping address
  • Core benefits demonstrating the efficacy of the product and hoe it solves the problem
  • A free shipping note (very important to most consumers)
  • A few submit buttons that make it easy to order.

Once you have this page setup move onto step 2, here we will stack offers to create additional streams of revenue from the same supplier you picked with no additional dropshipping charges to you. This means you make more margin with the same shipping charge.

Creating the landing page using Clickfunnels with Aliexpress products

Step 2: The Upsell page

Next you will go to an upsell page. This is where you margin up! Simply put all upsells or downsells should come from the same supplier. Why you ask, well now you only have to pay for shipping once. Give them options to buy multiples and offer discounts. Remember a product that costs you $1 that you can upsell for $10 on top of the original offer just made you another $9 in profit. If this is where you had your lightbulb moment, well we did too! The amazing part is they already have purchased the hydration bottle. So by adding the upsell items they simply click on the offer and hit add to cart and it charges the same account. EASY HA?

Step 3: Upsell number 2

But wait… if you call now we slap them with another irresistible offer. what about an ice tray that makes long cubes? surely you need ice for a water bottle. Great another 1 click away from a nice little additional profit and all from the same supplier for that 1 shipping fee.

Step 4: Order Confirmation Page

Finally you show them the order confirmation page with all the items that they have already purchased. They cant back out now.. its already done!

This is a pretty easy way to test products from AliEpress and see what works. Dropshippping with Clickfunnels is very easy but remember its important to be able to sell these products with authority. This is why we recommend choosing a topic that you know a lot about. Being able to talk authoritatively is important in trying to sell your product. Adding value through information is one of the key selling points to driving traffic. In one of our later posts we will go into how to drive traffic from Facebook.