April 25, 2020

Examples of passive income

By Gman

Examples of passive income

There are many ways to make money online, but the holy grail of making money online is to have a self generating passive income. In this post we show you examples of passive income using clickfunnels. Clickfunnels is the perfect tool to make passive income. Very litle skills are required to learn clickfunnels which is why we recommend it to anyone looking to create a sales page, landing page or information page

At the end of this post you will know:

  • How to navigate Clickfunnels
  • Creating a Clickfunnels
  • Using the graphical editor to create simple pages
  • Using your Funnel as a template for other funnels
  • Setting up your sales page
  • Setting up the email auto responder
  • How to drive traffic through

Lets get into it in the video above

Interesting afterthoughts

It’s so easy to create a passive income with Clickfunnels just by creating a funnel page and driving traffic through advertising. This can be as simple as a bolt on page to your fitness business, that sell branded T-shirts, or even an order page for your take out delivery restaurant. While passive income implies a true set it and forget it mentality. We have found that these are very few and far between. What we define as passive income is establishing a page that converts on what you are trying to sell without having to do any work. This leverages your business skills in whatever area you are trying to promote and doesn’t require you to log in everyday and spend hours figuring out stuff on the back-end system.

Clickfunnels is truly an automation tool for passive income and in our examples of how to generate passive income it rates as one of the top tools to quickly and effectively get a passive income up and going without any hard skills.

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