April 25, 2020

Russell Brunson 3 Million Dollar presentation

By Gman


The 3 million dollar presentation by Russell Brunson

As one of the live specatators in the audience of this 10x Pitch, We were some of the lucky few that got to witness Russell Brunson sell 1000 copies of his clickfunnels program in a 1 hour presentation. We were instantly hooked by this and couldn’t wait to get up from our seats and purchase the program at $3000 for a 1 year subscription. Apparently neither could 1000 other people.

What I have learned using clickfunnels?

I’s better than I ever could have imagined, we were able to create quick funnels that piece together dropship sales, check out our Aliexpress sales funnel

We then set up some advertisements on Facebook and drove traffic across. The best part about doing this. If the product didn’t drive a decent Return on Investment we simply switched the product out for another and did multiple iterative testing using $10 adverts.

Clickfunnels is great for dropshipping because it allows you to create quick and easy funnels in no time at all. We created our Base funnel in about 2 hours, and were up and running online within half a day of work. Try doing that on a regular site.

Our advice, get the free 14 day trial and see how easy it is. If you don’t like it, simply cancel your membership. It’s risk free!