Clickfunnels 60 Day Trial

One of the most sought after questions on the web is how long is the Clickfunnels trial?

Well I am here to clear up any misunderstandings:

The only agent authorized to offer free trials for Clickfunnels is Clickfunnels. They offer a very generous 14 day trial. This is more than enough time to get a feel for the software a make a boat load of cash! The trick is to plan out how you are going to use the 14 days to the maximum. We are here to help you get started with some free funnels and tactics. Check out our AliExpress sales funnel!

Ignore any offerings that say that you can get Clickfunnels 60-day trialthe offer simply doesn’t exist! These are scams to get you to join so they can get affiliate fees. It is true that we too get affiliate fees from anyone that joins using our link. But we are completely transparent with all our information and believe honesty is the best policy. Browse through our articles as we provide more value than you could possibly imagine!

Come get your copy of Clickfunnels now here and yes it is a 14 day FREE trial… 🙂

The Ultimate guide to AliExpress dropshipping using ClickFunnels

AliExpress is a very popular dropshipping website that many of the drop shipping veterans use finding a popular product on AliExpress is no easy feet. Most of the products are highly commoditized. But finding a viral product can be very lucrative and rewarding

First lets define dropshipping: Dropshipping refers to selling a product that you do not stock or ship. The steps are simple: You find a product on AliExpress that you want to sell and mark it up. Create a funnel to sell it, drive traffic to the funnel and submit the order to the supplier. The supplier will then ship the order to the customer, without the customer knowing that the product came from the supplier. Instead it all appears to come from you.

At this point you will need a Clickfunnels membership to build this: You can get one here with a FREE 14 day Trial!

Step 1: The Landing Page

Most funnels selling products are very similar. They have, a landing page that tells a story and displays an unforgettable offer. Some get the information inputted on the first page to buy – name, email, address, credit card etc. In the below image we have an incredible offer on a infusion water bottle that has already peaked their interest from the advert we enticed them in from (we prefer to use Facebook). Once they click submit on the first page we have all their details and have charged them for the order of the hydration bottle/s.

Step 2: The Upsell page

Next you will go to an upsell page. This is where you margin up! Simply put all upsells or downsells should come from the same supplier. Why you ask, well now you only have to pay for shipping once. Give them options to buy multiples and offer discounts. Remember a product that costs you $1 that you can upsell for $10 on top of the original offer just made you another $9 in profit. If this is where you had your lightbulb moment, well we did too! The amazing part is they already have purchased the hydration bottle. So by adding the upsell items they simply click on the offer and hit add to cart and it charges the same account. EASY HA?

Step 3: Upsell number 2

But wait… if you call now we slap them with another irresistible offer. what about an ice tray that makes long cubes? surely you need ice for a water bottle. Great another 1 click away from a nice little additional profit and all from the same supplier for that 1 shipping fee.

Step 4: Order Confirmation Page

Finally you show them the order confirmation page with all the items that they have already purchased. They cant back out now.. its already done!

This is a pretty easy way to test products from AliEpress and see what works. In one of our later posts we will go into how to drive traffic from Facebook.

Russell Brunsons – How to Funnel Hack

The truth about funnel hacking is it is extremely easy to do. Russel Brunson is a pro at funnel hacking as he demonstrated at the 10X Event. Russel demonstrated on stage how they funnel hacked a funnel selling a supplement on clickbank.

First you need to go through the actual process as a consumer. Russel recommends buying the product first. “For less than $100 you can go through their funnel map it out and have all the complete funnel steps.”

Once you have bought the product and stepped through all the landing pages, upsells, downsells, checkout and thanks you pages, you should have a pretty good idea in your head about how your funnel will be structured.

It then becomes a simple matter of login into ClickFunnels and creating a similar funnel (never copy). The process is mapped out already. The product introduction, offer, upsell, downsell, order confirmation page. We have effectively used this technique to hack many funnels and create similar offerings.

So then how do i get the same traffic thaqt the funnel i am hacking has? well thats pretty simple. Sites like allow you to see where they are pulling traffic from. Where they are advertising and what the advertisements even look like. Then it becomes a simple case of create your own advert and place is the same location.

Check out these results below.. these were done by hacking a funnel. enjoy!


Software Secrets Podcast

If you are looking for some great tips on how to develop your own software secrets idea then we recommend Russell Brunson’s Software Secrets Podcast. Don’t feel bad if you have no idea what Wire frames, div tags or UX designs mean.

If you are looking for information about customary software businesses you can always listen to the software secrets podcast created by Russell Brunsons’ partners’ Garret Pierson, Scotty Brandley and Lindsay hailing.

The podcast is available exclusively on Itunes, Google Play and Stitcher and they discuss diverse topics centered on the use of Clickfunnels. These topics range from the way to make a better launch webinar, or the key differences between the strategies offered in the Software Secret book  such as mind mapping, Mocking up and wire-framing 101.

They offer a lot of information on how to offer an Opt-in page to drive your software creations and how to create a niche strong enough to create a CULT-ure. If you don’t know what that means i suggest cheching out one of Russell’s other books called: Expert Secrets – and yes its Free, just pay for shipping!

Don’t let your lack of coding wizardry, or the fact that you don’t have a solid software idea STOP you from registering for this free training. (You’re in the same boat as everyone else, and they’ll tackle ALL of that head-on!).

Register for the FREE “Build and Launch Your Own Software In The Next 90 Days” Training

Russell Brunson’s Software Secrets

Russel Brunson is the man behind the creation of the ClickFunnels Website. Its no secret that we at RightClickFunnels use ClickFunnels to create all our funnels, and rightfully so. It’s a drag and drop setup, no coding required. Russel also offers a ton of free content to help you find your niche and get your funnel up and running withing a matter of minutes.

Russell Brunson Software Secrets is one of the most powerful offerings teaching you how to setup software and APP’s of your own. Russel knows what he is talking about because he built ClickFunnels, a 9 figure a year business from nothing. He did this all while knowing very little about even running a company or how to create software.

Russel has been creating Funnel value for over 12 years now. One of the best things he does is keep his offerings fresh and updates his sites with the technological developments that will ensure a clear path to victory to ALL of his customers.

Don’t let your lack of coding wizardry, or the fact that you don’t have a solid software idea STOP you from registering for this free training. (You’re in the same boat as everyone else, and they’ll tackle ALL of that head-on!)

Register for the FREE “Build and Launch Your Own Software In The Next 90 Days” Training and you too can see results

Here are some results we are seeing for some of our software clients. Its amazing to see how high the conversion rate is for such a low add spend. We will get into the add spend through Facebook, Instagram and Google in subsequent posts. But for now here is a seat to Russell’s software secrets for FREE