August 22, 2018

What is Clickfunnels by Russell Brunson

By Gman

How many times have we heard this “Before I ever heard of ClickFunnels, I tried to make money online by building a website and selling products.” If you’ve attempted to do this before you know how difficult it is to create converting sites that actually make you money. Dealing with web developers, graphic artists, content writers, google SEO… the list goes on and on.

Enter Clickfunnels…

ClickFunnels is a Drag & Drop based software, that lets create sales pages, landing pages, optin’s, upsells’, and downsells. Clickfunnels navigates through a series of targeted sales steps called a funnel in  a specific order. These steps are designed to convert a higher percentage of customers to “opt in” on a product/service/email list. More broadly said, Clickfunnels is an online sales funnel builder that helps businesses market, sell, and deliver their products online.

When is ClickFunnels useful?

If your goal is to save TIME and SELL your products or services online without learning any technical knowledge or coding then ClickFunnels is for you. It is the  ultimate weapon of choice to take it with you in the competitive marketing battleground. The Swiss-army knife of sales conversion tools.

If you know that you have a product, or an offer, or a service that people already WANT (aka will pay you money, or give you their email for it) then ClickFunnels makes all the rest of the parts of building an online business very easy. ClickFunnels is a revolutionary online sales and marketing software, designed for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to market their services and products online. A Visual design interface make creating pages very easy. Pre-populated templates enable quick and easy installation of funnels.

What types of funnels can i build?

Choose from Optin Funnels to generate leads and build your list; Sales Funnels to sell your products or services and upsell into higher priced offerings; Product Launch Funnels to create excitement for a new product through a series of pre purchase videos; Membership Funnels to create recurring revenue in your online business; and Webinar Funnels to create an important and predictable sales channel.

ClickFunnels lets you:

  • Build sales funnels
  • Create email marketing campaigns
  • Run an affiliate program
  • Create a membership site to deliver your online courses and other content.
  • Create sales pages
  • Accept payments from multiple payment processors including stripe

If you want to start building an email list,  especially if you have a product or service, then ClickFunnels is the right tool for the job. Clickfunnels will help you do everything else from email marketing, to taking transactions (shopping cart) to upsell’s and follow through continuity. ClickFunnels is a click – based software, that you can use to easily create series of web-pages that people have to navigate through in order to purchase a product, or join an email list, or a webinar. The best part is you don’t need to know a single line of code.

Prior to ClickFunnels, the average business owner had never even heard of sales funnels — let alone SaaS marketing tools.  But co-founder and CEO Russell Brunson’s obsession with teaching online sales funnels through his software has changed the online landscape permanently by popularizing the term “sales funnel.”

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